I’m a blogger (yes I know – very obvious!), but what many don’t know about being a blogger is all the time I (and many other fellow bloggers) spend doing research and reading magazines in print and online. I’m always looking at what people are talking about and what is the new buzz.  So of course, often times ads catch my attention.

With all the competition, ads have to have that wow factor. Let me give you a couple of examples – PopChips (no secret that I love these chips!) has some really fantastic print ads. But what really got my attention was the digital film – “Katy and the Popcats”  featuring Katy Perry. The short is hilarious and so darn cute! Another example – an ad campaign for SmartWater. The Smartwater campaign also featured a very clever and funny ad with Jennifer Aniston ( you can catch the ad on Youtube).

Ok so I will admit to gushing over funny, cute, clever and adorable ads. Not only do these ads have super famous entertainers in them they also have something else in common. They were both created by Zambezi. Zambezi is an LA ad agency that has created ad campaigns for an impressive roster of clients. They were awarded the Ad Age 2016 Small Agency Award “Agency of the Year” along with other accolades.  Several of their amazing ads have already caught the attention of millions of people (including myself).  Come on – you know that “Katy and the Popcats” movie was adorable!!! Cool fact about the LA based agency’s name – Zambezi is actually the name of a shark (also known as the bull shark)  found in an African river also by the same name.  

To be honest, this Los Angeles advertising agency is going above and beyond.  They are showing social responsibility by putting advertisements out there that illustrate positive social messages such as gender inequality awareness.  This agency is doing great work. 


Two thumbs up to Zambezi for their extraordinary work! I’m looking forward to all the other great ads and campaigns that this agency is sure to create in the future! Tip for my fellow bloggers (research source) – check out their “Bites“. They have the week’s hottest stories in one place and you can even subscribe to receive weekly emails! To learn more about Zambezi,  visit their site or social media channels. 

Shhh… between us; after seeing their fabulous social media pics I wished I worked there too, these guys rock!  



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