As you know I have put out my hottest toys list for Christmas 2016, if you missed it catch it here.  I thought it was also far to put together a trendy ideas wishlist for your tween or teen or maybe even adults you might have on your gift list.  Check out these very cool (and cute) items I found online! 

Trendy Wishlist:

color-changing-mug Color Changing Mug – Colors appear and disappear as you add hot liquids! 


Knitted Mermaid Design Throw Blanket – this is very trendy. I’ve seen it on most sites. Teen and tweens are sure to love this one! 


Cat Cartoon USB Charging Ombre Night Light – my girls love this light! 

You can find even more ideas at!!! That’s where I found these great wishlist items! FYI- shipping is very comparable to other sites and they do other free shipping as well. If you choose free shipping and want your items by Christmas just make to sure to order well in advance. 






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