Hey awesome readers!!! I am back and I want to share with you my experiences with subscription boxes.  When I first started blogging about a year and a half ago I really didn’t know exactly what I wanted to blog about. *It happens to many fellow bloggers! Anyway I digress 🙂 let’s get back to my topic – SUBSCRIPTION BOXES! When I first started blogging I was looking for interesting things to share with ya’ll. So when I stumbled upon a youtube unboxing video for a subscription box I was hooked! 

In less than six months I had subscribed to 6 boxes! Yes you read that right – I went subscription box crazy.  The first boxes that arrived I was really impressed.  I subscribed to Birchbox (cosmetics, hair care, etc), Ipsy (cosmetics), FabFitFun (combination of cosmetics and other fit and fabulous items), Mystery Box (solving a mystery in a box), Walmart (cosmetics and other beauty samples) and Kira Kira (cosmetics from Japan).  Some of these boxes were quiet expensive. Prices ranged from $5.00 to $49.99.  So here is what I learned.

Some of these boxes were not tailored for me even when I completed my profile online and provided all my personal info (skin color, hair texture etc) and preferences. For example I would specify that I have tight curls and when my shipment would arrive I would have a hair styler for beach waves! Beach waves?! What in the world? A spray for beach waves is for someone with loose curls who wants more body. To say the least it did nothing for me except make my hair feel dry and brittle. I did give most of the products a try after all I had paid for them.

My other issue became packaging and usefulness and after life of the package. Case in point Birchbox and Ipsy both came in nifty packaging. Birchbox in a super cool box which the company suggested you recycle for other items (they would have a new designer for every month) and Ipsy came with a cosmetics bag (most of which were super adorable). The problem? After a while there were only so many boxes that I wanted to reuse (it felt more like clutter than recycling) and there were only so many cosmetics bags that I needed. 

Now let me rank my purchases from least enjoyed to really enjoyed. (I have also included links to my review videos on my youtube channel Ideas By Dalba

6. Mystery Experience Box –

In a nutshell this box was supposed to be something fun for my husband and I to enjoy together. But we were not even able to figure out the first case we received! Honestly this was just too much work and very frustrating. The box does not come with any instructions and the company I guess really expects customers to just figure it out. I ended up cancelling after the first box. But according to the company the second shipment had already gone out and I got charged for a second month. The second box was no better and I felt like I had be swindled out of my money. This cost $29.99 per month

5. Birchbox –

While the first shipment really blew me away the second shipment left me very disappointed. When I compared the samples to my other similar subscription the sizes did not measure up, they were considerably smaller. My second issue with this subscription was that the products were clearly (painfully so) not with me in mind. Basically not for women of color. Sorry – but it is how I honestly felt. The last issue that I had was the boxes. I didn’t want to have a bunch of boxes laying around. After you take your products out of the fancy looking box then you just have a box that you have no idea what to do with it. I just ended up throwing out the boxes 🙁  I cancelled after 3 shipments. Cost $10.00 per month *click here for video

4. Kira Kira

O.k. I had super high hopes for this one. The very first box I was in love. The cuteness just oozed out of the first box! The items were everything I had hoped for and more. All the items were exactly what you would envision Japanese products to look like. Cute, girly and pink. Unfortunately, the cuteness died with every new shipment.  The products that started to come in the mail were very average. I think I could have gotten similar (or better) products in the USA. The novelty of this box was that you are getting items imported from Japan that you would not have access to.  After like about 4 shipments I cancelled my subscription. I just got really tired really quickly of not so fabulous products. And at a whopping $29.99 (per month) for about 5-6 products it was not worth it. *click here to see my first Kira Kira Box

3. Ipsy

Out of the more affordable boxes I purchased I did enjoy this box. The samples were a good size and I felt like they were really matched up for my profile.  After a couple of shipments I found two issues. The first was that I didn’t know what to do with so many samples. Let me explain – I had spoken to a friend that used to subscribe to Ipsy (at the time of the conversation I had just subscribed to Ipsy) and I asked her “why are you no longer subscribed?” she said “honestly I really liked it, but after a while I got tired of so many little samples everywhere. I just didn’t know what to do with them.” I couldn’t believe my ears! How could anyone say they got tired of receiving new samples every month?! Easy, it happened to me. After a few shipments I had a whole bag full of samples. Some I tried, others I had not gotten around to trying. In the end I felt like I was just collecting ‘stuff’. The second issue was that each shipment includes a cosmetics bag – guys there are only so many bags that I could use. I started to give the bags away. Don’t get me wrong they were super cute! But just too many, I wished that Ipsy would have offered an option to customers that instead of receiving a cosmetics bag they could receive an additional sample.  I received six shipments and then cancelled. Ipsy is $10 per month. *Click here for Ipsy review video

2. Walmart Beauty Box-

This one I could not say no to! At $5 per month I thought this was a steal. My first two boxes were great and then the products took a turn for the worst. I began to get wrinkle creams with every box. Geez! I guess they were trying to tell me that women my age need wrinkle cream. I don’t feel like I need it… The other products were not impressive either. Mostly regular items you can buy in any store. I was hoping to sample new products that either had not hit stores or were not well known and wanted more shoppers.  I still subscribe to this box but I am considering not getting it anymore because each box just gets more and more boring. *Click here for Walmart Box review 

and my favorite box..

1.FabFitFun Box

From all the boxes I purchased this was the most expensive. At $49.99 for a quarterly box they really did pack a lot of value into every box, most boxes have a retail value of $200 or more.  The first box I received was an editorial box (that’s how they get you, I had no idea at the time). Let me tell you its a show stopper. The fall box I received was amazing, the winter and spring box were good two but not as good as the first two. I had a two issues. Price; at $49.99 it is expensive (but you do get some awesome items), some of the curated items fall a tad short (at a high price I am expecting 100% fab). For example I received a pair of earrings that were retail priced at $69 and they turned my earlobe green (yuck) and I received a planner (a paper planner). I have not used a paper planner in years; ever since I have a cellphone.  Currently I am not subscribed to FabFitFun but I will probably give them another try when I forget (temporary amnesia) all the issues I had with them lol.  *Click here for review video

Guys I did not write this to turn any of you off from purchasing subscription boxes. I just wanted to give you my experience with full honesty.  If you are interested in getting a box you should. It might be exactly what you have been looking for and if not then at least you tried it and know that it is not for you. Please share your thoughts. Have you tried a subscription box? Would you try one? Yay or Nay? I love hearing from you all!






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