Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve written a post sharing one of my personal experiences. Today I’m sharing about the importance of teaching our children to take care of the elderly!

Even though I constantly joke around with my daughters that they better make me look “good” and presentable when I’m an old lady, I’m actually being serious. Elder care is a serious matter! I unfortunately will not have the pleasure of taking care of my grandparents or parents. All my older relatives have already passed away, with the exception of my mother in law which someday god willing my husband and I will care for.  But this doesn’t stop me from passing down the importance of taking care of elders to my children.

With all the recent attention drawn to elder care and elder abuse (I see ads all the time on the trains/buses) I think it’s extremely important that we speak to our children now about caring for the elderly. The younger we plant this concept in their minds the better. Even though I discuss my care (and my husband’s care) with my daughters in a lighthearted way my goal is to let them know now exactly what they need to do in order to make sure we are well taken care of.

The number one thing I always talk to them about is in home care (visiting nurses, home aids, home attendants etc.) and nursing homes.  Unfortunately, we see it on the news too often, home care “professionals” mistreating the elderly (similar to young children).  My biggest suggestion (I’m hoping that its burned into my children’s brains by now!! lol) is setting up nanny cams all over the home.  Not only to set up the camera’s but to also monitor the cameras on a daily basis.  The second thing I tell them is that they need to make unexpected visits throughout the day, so that the home aid knows that the family is very involved in our care.  The following is a list of things I believe are a must (no matter the level of health your parent has):

  1. Make sure that your parent is practicing good hygiene or that the home aid is assisting them with good hygiene.  Hey its like I tell my girls I don’t want to be a stinky old goat! Do you?!
  2. Make sure that the laundry is done! I see elderly people too often wearing clothing that have not been washed in weeks. I always ask myself where are this person’s family? And why are they not washing his/her clothes!
  3. Along with hygiene, I want to make sure that my appearance is taken care of, my hair needs to be done and my nails too! I know it sounds vain, but really who wants to look crazy in their old age! No one!
  4. Don’t let your parents drive after a certain age. Imagine how many reflexes you use to drive, when you are older you just don’t respond as quickly.
  5. Make sure that your parents are social! Take them out to dinner, call some of their friends. Go as far as arranging adult playdates if you must, just keep them engaged. Keep them active. Look for activities they enjoy.

Of course, I’m not a doctor or a geriatric professional, always consult with your doctor etc. Some of my suggestions are more of common sense things. Just make sure you are telling your children NOW.  The earlier we have this conversation with our children the better. So many of us do not have the extended family setup to teach by example. Extended families are not as common as they use to be, and one of the aftermaths is that now we have so many elderly not being taken care of. Some of the relatives just say that no one ever told them what to do, or that their parents didn’t care for their grandparents.  We need to stop the cycle of mistreated, abused and forgotten elders and the way to do that is by teaching our children how to take care of our elders now!

P.S. While doing some research and talking to a co-worker I uncovered MEDCottages . I shared this company with you because their product the “Granny Pod” seems like a fantastic idea! They have so many features, some of which I recommend in this post! They give your elders a safe and private living space while still providing some independence.


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**This is NOT a sponsored post, I am not making money. All I want is to bring awarness to elder care!**




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