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Today I share my experience with Teavana Teas.  I personally did not consider myself a tea drinker and far from defining myself as a tea lover.  The most I’ve ever been drawn to drink is a Chai Latte from Tazo. For those that have not tried the Chai Latte from Tazo, it’s a concentrated tea and you drink it with milk. The taste is very similar to Oprah’s Chai tea sold at Starbucks.  But that’s not what I’m here to share with you today.

Last fall my co-workers brought in some loose tea. I was curious and started to ask them what it was and why they were raving about it.  They went on to say that it was tea from “Teavana”. Of course, I had no clue what Teavana was.  They offered me a cup of Spiced Apple Cider tea (I had not had loose tea leaves except the medicine teas older folks make for you). My co-worker pulled out her fancy tea defuser and brewed me a cup. Wow! The amora drew me in instantly it – a mixture of cinnamon, apple and orange with other undertones that as an inexperienced tea drinker I was not able to identify.  Beyond that the flavor was amazing it was sweet even without sugar, she explained that the chunks of dried apples in the tea gave it its sweetness. I was a convert, I was now a tea drinker! Of course tea is not only about the taste, there are many benefits to drinking tea but that is a post for another day.

That afternoon I went home and I was the one raving about it! How Teavana Tea was amazing and how I just had to go to their store and buy some. To my delight, my husband and kids took note and a couple of months later what did I have under the Christmas tree? Yup, you guessed it – TWO (yes that’s right), two Teavana Tea canisters. They went to the store somewhere downtown and sampled teas (lucky them!), they settled on Ruby Spice Cider and White Chocolate Peppermint (because I love peppermint and chocolate) blends only available in December.

My Tevana teas.
My Tevana teas.

As you can guess on Christmas day when I got my tea I was practically jumping up and down from excitement.  I also could not believe that they had spent so much money on tea! Ok – the only drawback to purchasing these fancy boutique teas is the price. Most run about $10 for  2oz  (which makes approximately 15 cups of tea). So every time I have a cup of these teas I tell my husband “look babe I’m drinking ten dollars!” hehe hehe. Seriously, they are delicious teas and I only have them once in a while so my stash of teas will last as long as possible especially because the two blends I received are only seasonal. If you a tea drinker (or not) and have not tried Teavana give them a try you will not regret it. For more info on Teavana and to view my current favorite flavor Berry Kiwi Colada click HERE.

PS- A shout out to Jassmin and Janeth who introduced me to the world of excellent teas! Please share in the comment section what teas you enjoy.

Happy tea drinking!

From a newly converter tea lover,


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