Be A Game Changer!

“Motivation of the Day – By Dalba”   Be a leader, not a follower! It’s ok to follow the beat of your own drum. Stay true to you and be an inspiration to others! Happy Thursday. Dalba

Be Determined

“Motivation of the Day – By Dalba” Wake up with determination, with purpose.  Make your day count. When your day is done you will feel a sense of accomplishment!

Take care of You

“Motivation of the Day- By Dalba”   This weekend take the time to take care of YOU! Once in awhile, we all need to take a break and focus on ourselves.  Focus on giving yourself some TLC. Go and get that manicure you’ve been meaning to get. Go get that massage you’ve been needing so … Continue Reading

Be Yourself

“Motivation of the Day – By Dalba” Stay true to yourself. You are unique and there will never be someone like you. That makes you special!

So Many Reasons To Be Happy!

“Motivation of the Day – By Dalba” There are so many reasons to be happy! If you can’t think of any just look around, and I’m sure you will find at least one reason. I’m happy to have my family and friends that support me each and everyday! What is your reason?


“Motivation of the Day – By Dalba” You are an amazing person. Never forget that! No matter what others might say always know you are a great person.

Something Wonderful!

“Motivation of the Day – By Dalba” Start each day with a positive outlook. Always believe something wonderful is on the horizon and before you know it something great will happen!

How I Save $300!

Hi Guys! We all know the struggles of our beauty secrets. How do we keep that skin looking flawless? How do we keep our nails looking great? How do we keep our eyebrows on point? And let me not go into what some of us women do to keep our hair looking awesome.  The average … Continue Reading


Motivation of the Day – By Dalba Confidence is a powerful thing. Believe in yourself and you will indeed be unstoppable. The only thing standing in your way is you!