Hey fabulous readers! Today I want to discuss something that every person that has started a new venture seems to encounter, whether that new venture is a website, coaching (classes), consulting service, new business or business similar to home parties (Avon, Scentsy, Pure Romance, Travelling Vine, Stamping Up, direct sales etc).  The feeling that they are not being supported by family and friends. I can not tell you how many entrepreneurs I have spoken to over the past year that I have had my blog that feel disappointed because people they thought would have been supportive just have not been there for them.  I cannot stress enough just how much it means to someone to have support from friends/family however big or small. I’m not saying anyone expects anything, really they don’t but a mention of “how’s it all going?” or a like or share of a business post will really mean the world, it is so hard when you are starting out – we have all been there! Instead of just talking about supporting I want to share ideas of how people can be supportive. 

Here are some ideas of ways that you can support your friends’ (or family) businesses whether they are websites, classes, consulting services, brick and mortars, or home parties.

  • Even if you do not need something from a friend who hosts home parties, consider having an online party for them in case you have other friends who do want to make a purchase. It’s low pressure and no one feels awkward if they do not “attend.”
  • Spread the word (AND THIS IS A BIG ONE) on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ when a friend launches a new website. If that is too much, simply be sure to “like” or +1 their pages (on their pages) so that search engines will see that people are interacting.
  • Leave comments on Facebook pages and blog posts. It’s another way for your friends’ pages to become more popular and help them get more search engine traffic, which in turn helps their business. And it costs you nothing and makes your friends feel appreciated!
  • Know what your friends actually do in their businesses so that you can recommend them if the opportunity ever arises.
  • Think of your friends’ businesses first when you are shopping. Whether they sell from home parties or online, buy from them before buying through a big, impersonal business.
  • Find synergies between your businesses and see if there is any way that you can cross-promote to each others’ contacts.
  • If you see any space for improvement for your friend (family member) share it with them. They might have never thought of whatever it is that you think needs improvement and can help them with their business.

Lastly, and this seems like common sense (I do not see enough of), just be encouraging to your friends about what they do. Sometimes simply telling someone that you love the hats that they make or the posts that they write is enough to make their day and encourage them when work gets overwhelming. It’s important to support your family and friends in business just because of that- they are your FAMILY and FRIENDS! 

Below are some of my friends and family’s ventures. Please consider visiting their websites or social media pages. Even if you don’t actually buy please consider giving a like to any post or a share on your social media. Thank you so much in advance!! Shout out to all below!!!

Katherine’s Avon Store

Pure Romance By Glori 
The Heights – Internet Radio Hosting
Yes You Can – Weight Loss Management By Rosanna Diaz 





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Great post Dalba with great suggestions. thank you!


Thank you Jassmin! And you for all your unconditional support!


Im definitely one for trying to support my friend in their business ventures. It sucks when you feel unsupported by your friends and family.


So true. The feeling you get is not pleasant, that’s why I too try to be as supportive as I can.

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