Hey everyone!! This week I’m a bit late in posting my third piece in my May blog series “Spring Inspired DIYs”. To check out my other projects click on any of these – DIY Spring Wreath, Decoupage Part 1 and Part 2 .  I’m totally loving this super easy Spring DIY Jewelry Bowl!!! For this DIY, I had my twelve-year-old daughter help do the project. That’s how simple and easy it is!!!

These are the supplies I used:

  • Assorted Bakeable clay like THESE
  • Knife (any butter knife you have at home will do, no need for anything fancy.)
  • Small oven save bowl. If you don’t have a bowl you can try THESE
  • Optional – I used my fondant mat and rolling pin. But any flat clean surface will do, and any glass you have at home to flatten the clay would be fine.

Check out my step by step video below!!!

Thanks for watching and please remember to subscribe to the Ideas By Dalba channel on Youtube!!!! Happy crafting!





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