Ever feel annoyed at those pesky telemarketer calls? I know I do! Living in a large city like New York it can sometimes feel like you get targeted by marketing all the time. Non-stop 24 hours a day.  This is especially true when it come to telemarketing phone calls and let me not mention the robo calls! At home I must get an average of 2-3 telemarketer call per day, that is not an exaggeration it’s my reality. Some company is always calling with a survey, promotion, offering a “cruise” and trips the list goes on. When there is an important election then its the campaign phone calls non-stop.

But I found my solution! Ooma Telo Internet Phone Service.   Ooma Telo offers two services – the basic and the premier. The premier service blocks unwanted telemarketer calls (which is my favorite feature) but the benefits don’t stop there. Other features include:

  • Instant second line
  • Voicemail to email forwarding
  • Ring your home and mobile phone simultaneously
  • Free companion mobile app
  • Three-way conferencing
  • And more…

So how can you get Ooma Telo too? There is a one-time purchase of the Ooma Telo product ($99.99). Afterwards, only applicable taxes and fees are charged to customers on a monthly basis. These range from $4-$7 per month depending on your zip code. Premier service is $9.99/month, but totally worth it! 


Wait there is more! I haven’t even shared how Ooma helps you create a smarter home. With Ooma, you’re not just getting a great set of features for your phone, but your Ooma Telo can also seamlessly connect to and interact with your favorite smart home products like Amazon Echo, Nest, Phillip Hue and LIFX smart lightbulbs, and others, making your home safer. You can receive a call when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected with the option to connect to local emergency services. Initiate a call or check messages with Amazon Echo’s Alexa voice assistant.  You can also automatically turn on call forwarding when you leave home. The list goes on and on! I’ve been using my Ooma. Can you tell that I’m really loving my it? 🙂 Remember I do not endorse products that I do not believe in. I always bring my readers my honest account.

But there is even MORE! Ooma Telo now has a sweepstakes for all of you as well. One lucky winner will win an Ooma Telo, 1 year of Premier Service, a Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detector and one LIFX and Philips Hue smart light bulbs! 
All you have to do is go to this Ooma Telo landing page and use the calculator to determine what you could save on your monthly phone bills in 3 years as well as how long it will take (in months) for Ooma to pay for itself.

Then, leave the answers as a comment below by July 18, 2016! It’s take simply!



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I would save $1166.73 it will pay for it self in less than 4 months


Wow those are fantastic savings!


This will save use $878.73 over 3 years and best it will pay for itself in 5 months or less


That’s great! I can tell you that this online phone is worth it!


This will save use $878.73 over 3 years and best it will pay for itself in 5 months or less!

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