Summer is a wonderful time to explore and have adventurous! My family and I absolutely love summer because we get to spend time outside in the sun enjoying the weather. We usually grab sunscreen, a few snacks, Fruit Shoot and head on out to have fun! 

Our Top Ten Favorite “Things” for Summer

10. A day trip to the museum. Living in NYC we have so many options! We can visit a new museum every week and still not see them all!

9. Trip to the Zoo – our town offers at least 3 zoos that I know of. The kids love going every summer!

8. Visit the Botanical Gardens. I don’t mean to show off but yes, you guessed it, NYC has one of the best, must see Botanical Gardens in the country! We love riding the shuttle and seeing as much as we can of all the beautiful plants!


7. Visit a local farm for apple picking and petting zoo. The kids love this! Since we live in a large metropolitan city they do not  get a chance to pick their own fruits/veggies. The petting zoo also allows them to see farm animals up close that they would not get to see in the city.

6. Camping weekend – we head to the Catskills and really immerse ourselves in nature.  We love to do this at least once every summer. The kids help with building a camp fire and roasting marshmallows for smores.

5. Play sports at the park. We play frisbee, badminton, soccer and baseball! It gives everyone some much needed exercise and overall it’s so much fun to play at the park as a family. Everyone joins in on the fun! 

4. Have a picnic. We pack fresh fruit, sandwiches, chips, cookies and Fruit Shoot! Guys, if you have not heard of Fruit Shoot they are a very popular drink for kids in the UK and are now being sold in the US. We like to buy this for our kids because it is made with no artificial flavors, real fruit juice, no high fructose corn syrup and no added sugar.  An added benefit of Fruit Shoot is the bottle! Because it is a resealable container there is no waste. Unlike pouches where the kids have to drink it all or the rest spills, you can just cap the bottle and save the rest for later. It is the perfect, no-mess, on the go option for us. We get our Fruit Shoot at Walmart, less than $5 for a pack of 8, unbeatable value if you ask me!


3. Have a water fight! These are so much fun. We fill a bunch of water balloons and head outside on a very hot day and just let the balloons fly. We all get soaked and the kids get to cool off.

2. Cool off at the Pool – we have several pools in our area that are great for when the weather is unbearable. We take sunscreen, water bottles and fruit and spend a nice morning in the pool before the temperatures reach 90 or above. The kids love it because they get to swim and use the skills they learned in swimming class.  

1. Day at the beach. Do I need to say more? This is my family’s favorite summer activity! We get our beach gear, towels, umbrella, sunscreen, food and beach toys and head over to our local beach.  The kids build sand castles, swim and just hang out.  Our local beach also hosts concerts and we get to hear the music from the sand. It does not get better than a day trip to the beach!

What are your family’s favorite things for summer?




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