Winter is one of the toughest seasons for my skin! With this in mind I decided to give my morning beauty routine a reset and refresh. I have been using Neutrogena® for many years (mostly the face wash and moisturizer), and just recently came upon their Hydro Boost cosmetics collection at my local Walmart. In general I do not have an extensive routine, I’m a mom that is always on the go and I need a routine that will be good for my skin, quick and still give me a natural look.

I love this new collection because it’s all about hydrating and moisturizing your skin.  The Hydro Boost hydrating tint feels more like a moisturizer than makeup.

Neutrogena® Hyrdro Boost hydrating tint is available in 10 shades. I purchased natural beige 60 and was very happy with my match. This hydrating tint gave me the natural look I like.

I also purchased the Hydro Boost hydrating concealer in light/medium 30 (the concealer is available in 5 shades). This concealer gives me a bright and refreshed look around my eyes. It goes on smooth and the center has extra moisture!

For my lips I got the Hydro Boost hydrating lip shine in pink sorbet 40 (available in a total of 8 shades). This lip shine gives my lips protection against the cold weather and prevents chapping too! To create my new routine I basically used these three new products and added mascara.  Check out my before and after pictures below!

In these pictures you can see that the hydrating tint really balanced my skin color and gave me a very natural and refresh look.  All these products contain Hyaluronic Acid – this is naturally found in your skin, but overtime we lose some of it. Flying, lack of sleep, stress, exercise and not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration and lose of Hyaluronic Acid. And that can lead to tired or dry skin. The Hydro Boost Skin Care Line gives my skin that refreshed feeling.

To see my entire routine check out my ‘getting ready with me’ morning beauty routine video on YouTube!




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