My journey into the world of body care and creating BY DALBA and IDEAS By Dalba, IDEAS being an acronym for Indulge in Delicate Effortless Amazing Skin and how I found my passion.

I, like many of you began by researching online.  I read everything I could find on the topic.  Specifically, I was looking for information on body lotions and such.  I compiled a HUGE list of resources.  There is so much information out there you just have to invest the time to find it.  Over time, I began to develop my own recipes and products.  My first product which I am very proud of is the original “Creme of Chocolate” signature hand bar. Specifically designed for hands during the cold bitter months of winter in New York. This body bar is solid enough that it will not just melt and disappear in your hands but supple enough that it will leave your heads feeling delicate and effortlessly amazing! The rest of my line from the body bars to the lip balms and scrubs all developed after that original recipe.  Once I created one product and then another every product seemed to fall into place in the line and every new creation seemed to be the logical next addition to my body care line.  I started out wanting to develop a natural product with the ingredients on the label being items that everyone could pronounce. What I ended up with was so much more – an entire body beauty care line! It is something that  quickly became not just a hobby for me but something that I truly enjoyed creating and I feel very invested in.

If you have found your passionate invest the time and money (if you have it, Lord knows I didn’t have a lot to spread around).  You will be happier for having found something you love to do. If you haven’t found it yet don’t give up, there are so many things out there that you can learn and discover.  And if you haven’t tried my body care line IDEAS by DALBA give it a try you might just fall in love with it the way I have! For those that have tried it and love it – THANK YOU for your support! and keep spreading the word.

Thank you and god bless,

Dalba Castrillon

Founder and CEO of BY DALBA, IDEAS By Dalba




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