Hey all! Happy September! For some happy first day of school. Soooo… what is on everyone’s mind now that September has rolled in? Autumn of course 🍂🍁🥧🍺!

And what does fall bring? Fall foliage, Oktoberfest and Pumpkin everything! I recently thought of myself as an everything pumpkin enthusiast. But after taking one too many sniffs of pumpkin products I soon came to realize that I was not one of the many people obsessed with everything pumpkin.

Sure I love pumpkins and I love pumpkin lattes and let’s not even mention pumpkin pie – I’m always up for a hearty slice of pumpkin pie 🥧 🎃 . So logically I figured I was a pumpkin everything lover! After many Bath & Body Works ads featuring their new pumpkin products I eagerly headed there with my hubby.

My senses were on alert as we spotted the store at the outdoor mall. I couldn’t wait to get inside and dive into so many delicious options waiting within. We pulled the door open and a wave of pleasant fragrance drifted past our noses. I quickly scanned the store for those most anticipated pumpkin lotions, body sprays, candles and hand soaps! I made a bee line to the table with pumpkin everything displayed!

I went over to the sink where the store had testers- all taunting me with the ‘test me’ stickers. I grabbed the first bottle I saw – Marshmallow Pumpkin hand soap. I pumped a modest amount on my palm and brought it up to my nose expecting a delightful experience. After all I was there exactly for these products. I took a deep whiff and then it happened! Not everything pumpkin is good or pleasant. I could not stand the scent. It actually made me gag a little. I tried product after pumpkin product, hoping to find at least one that my senses favored. Nope, not a chance. And I knew without a doubt that I did not like pumpkin scents as much as I thought I did. Sure I like my pumpkin flavors in food items but that’s as far as it goes!

I’m not going to lie I was disappointed, the entire point of my Bath and Body Works expedition was to get pumpkin scented products for this very post- you know cuz I wanted to share with all of you my so called love of all things pumpkin. So what now?

Well I thought my disappointment would end my shopping trip. But then I turned it into a shopping trip of discovering other fall products that would be a treat to my delicate senses. And here is what I found!

I instantly fell in bliss with “Crisp Morning Air“! It’s refreshing scent really did remind me a a crisp autumn morning!

As usually this shop has great specials- hand soaps are 5/$23, a hands down great deal. If you shop online you can even catch more sales and even free shipping!

So folks there is more to fall than pumpkin! Even if you are a die hard pumpkin fan remember that fall has so many other scents and interesting facets to the season! Please drop your comments and let me know what your favorite fall indulgences are!




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