Hi lovely readers!! Thank you for stopping by. This week on Ideas By Dalba we are featuring Lindsay Wise from Becoming Beauty Wise on our “Blogger Interview Spotlights”.  I was able to catch up with mom and fellow blogger Lindsay and this is what she shared with me!

Lindsay thanks for taking the time to chat with me! Can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

My husband brought up the idea, actually. I’ve always been obsessed with makeup. From learning new techniques to trying new products, learning about the history behind cosmetics in general and brands and artists in particular. I’m a stay at home mom and I needed to find a way to connect with people and to also be able to express myself. I love my littles, but mommy needs some me time, lol. This was the way I decided to do it. It’s been a long process, though. I started toying with the idea and really getting back into makeup, about 3 years ago. I’d lost my passion and after a personal tragedy became depressed. My husband encouraged me to get back into cosmetics. He watched YouTube videos with me, would wander around Sephora and Ulta with me without complaint. He even built me a vanity! It was a way for me to refocus myself and to bring me out of the black hole that I had fallen into.

I, actually, started a YouTube channel of my own. You can still see my very amateur videos. I got kinda sidetracked again after becoming pregnant and having my son in 2014, then becoming pregnant, again, and having my daughter in 2015. I had horrible morning sickness with both pregnancies. No one wants to see an exhausted hot mess telling them about beauty products, lol! So, I let things just hang out on the backburner. Now? I’m ready to really throw myself back into the world of makeup! This is where my blog comes into play. My site is called Becoming Beauty Wise because I’m learning about new ideas, techniques, and products all the time. It’s also a play on my name. I want my blog to be a place where anyone can come and feel comfortable. Where they can learn with me as I go on this journey. I’m, by no means, an expert, but I do feel that I have a lot of knowledge and experiences to share. I will admit that there will be other subjects that I write about too. I’m sure my kids will make appearances in the form of anecdotes and I also enjoy crafting. I may create a separate blog for that. My main focus, of course, is all things beauty.


Thank you for sharing your touching personal account. I’m so glad you got back to blogging and that it has helped you overcome difficult times! Lindsay, how did you first get into blogging, what inspired you?

I found Blog Lovin. I thought, instead of starting out doing videos again (that is something that I want to do, though) that writing would fit with my life better right now. I can do it at anytime and from anywhere.

If you do get back to making videos, please let us know. Here at Ideas By Dalba we love beauty videos etc. What tools have helped you most with your blogging?

WordPress!!! I love it!!! I also use my IPhone 6 to take pictures. I don’t do too much editing to them. I’m still learning about that and looking for an app that works for me.

What would you say is your greatest challenge as a blogger?

Getting a post done in one sitting. I swear my 2 yo knows when I’m writing and wakes up on purpose, lol.

I can completely relate! I have a three-year-old and it can be a challenge at times. Tell us about your proudest achievement.

Getting 30 followers on Twitter? I haven’t a lot, yet, to generate enough interest to start getting a lot of followers. I was really proud to finally get adsense to work on my site!

Awesome – hey we all start small. I’m confident your numbers will continue to grow. Let’s talk about networking and traffic. In your opinion what do you think is better to enhance traffic and networking to your blog?

I think finding a networking group can help. Staying present on social media is a huge help, too! I’ve even read about bloggers getting business cards made to pass out, wearing shirts with their site, having a decal on their car, passing out pencils/pens with their web page… There’s, honestly, an endless number of possibilities. I’ve heard a lot of bloggers say to not pay for followers, though I have heard that just spending a couple of dollars on a Facebook ad can really give you a boost. As someone with a very small (less than 100) followers, I’m still searching for good ways to enhance my traffic.

Do you have any favorite bloggers you follow or bloggers that have been a source of inspiration for you?

Emily Noel, Tati from Glam Life Guru, Nikkie from Nikkie Tutorials… There’ s so many amazing bloggers and YouTubers that have inspired me.

Lastly please share one thing about yourself that people might not know about you?

I’ve always dreamed of writing a fantasy series. I’m always open to suggestions and love hearing back from people!

Lindsay thank you for a fabulous chat! To keep up with Lindsay and her beauty reviews, videos and advice please visit her blog at Becoming Beauty Wise.

You can also find Lindsay on social facebook.com/Becoming-Beauty-Wise, Twitter.com/mrsbeautywise, Youtube, Instagram.com/mrswise13, Pinterest.com/becominfbeautyw/

Thank you for reading! Keep sharing and keep smiling.






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