The products I’ve developed have been truly from the heart. Making natural skin care products is something that makes me happy! I think that when I talk to customers about my products and about my journey of how I got to this place they can see my enthusiasm for what I do. People can sense that I do this because I enjoy it and it comes from within. This is not just a business for me it’s what I like to do.

I want to share what was first a hobby and is now my store with all of you. I have put together a line of body care products that is full of natural and organic nutrients for your skin. When customers read my labels they know exactly what they are putting on their bodies.  This is what I love about my line… I use natural products because I love your skin as much as you do and I want to help you give it the best moisture and care only using the highest quality ingredients.

If you haven’t given IDEAS by Dalba a try do so today – you will not regret it!





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