Hi guys! I’ve been so busy drafting blog posts that I have not had a chance to upload a new post. But here it is. Hope many of you find this useful and get inspired to decorate or redecorate and pass this along to all your friends!

On to today’s post. So I stumbled on to COLORSNAP (A Sherwin-Williams site, a disclaimer: I am not receiving any compensation from this company for this post!). This is a nifty FREE site to help your creative designer juices flow! For those out there who are not professional interior decorators or designers (including myself), this is a really great tool. Ok, you are asking yourself what is “ColorSnap” and how can it help me? Simply put it’s a site where you can upload a picture that you love and gives you a color palette so that you can transfer that same inspiration and feelings into your projects. Whether it be decorating a room or doing a DIY project or so many other ideas.   You can either upload your own image or you can enter a site URL and literally grab the picture. In a matter of moments, you will have an entire color analysis/palette of that picture or imagine you loved so much. Even though the site is free you do have to make an account – but that only takes 60 seconds. I have posted several examples of images that I love and inspire me (I adore florals, and all things shabby chic!) on our Pinterest that have used the ColorSnap site. I included a palette I created below.


I will definitely be using this tool for inspiration for my blog and other projects that I have at the moment.  If you liked this post please leave a comment. If you like to see more of the same – let me know.  If you have any requests let me know as well! I would love to hear from YOU!

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