Hey guys! I’m so glad you are here. On Ideas By Dalba, we continue with our “Blogger Interview Spotlights”. This week the spotlight shines bright on our fellow blogger Kelly from North Country Nest. I had a chance to chat with Kelly about her awesome blog and this is what she shared with me.

Hi Kelly I’m so glad you stopped by to chat with me here at Ideas By Dalba. I’m very excited to have you! Can you please tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

I am a twenty-something marketing professional by day and blogger by night. North Country Nest is about navigating life through a mix of home renovation projects, DIY decor projects, and thrift store makeovers. And I’m excited to share the most recent addition to the blog – wedding planning on a budget!

Fantastic! Do I hear wedding bells soon? Please share how you first got into blogging, what inspired you?

I got into blogging because I wanted to share our home renovation journey with family and friends. My fiance’s family lives in northern Minnesota and Arizona, which means they don’t have too many opportunities to just pop on over and see the latest changes on the house. What inspires me is seeing what other bloggers are doing. There are so many creative and talented people in this world and I love learning from them and seeing their latest creations.

That’s awesome Kelly. It’s so important to keep family involved in our lives even though distance might separate you. In you experience what tools have helped you most with your blogging?

Canva. I love being able to quickly edit my photos. I use Photoshop for work, but I love how easy Canva is. I also really like MailChimp. I haven’t had any problems with their email service and it is very user-friendly.

YES! Absolutely, I use Canva as well. Hands down one of the best tools.  What would you say is your greatest challenge as a blogger?

Finding time to create. Being a DIY blogger is a challenge because so much goes into one project. Creating one post sometimes takes several days or even weeks to get together and finding enough time to do everything can be hard. Between family, friends, wedding planning, work and grad school, I definitely have my work cut out for me!

Wow you sound like you have a very busy schedule! Tell us about your proudest achievement.

As it relates to blogging or personal? My personal proudest achievement was completing the 2014 Twin Cities Marathon. I was about ready to call it quits around mile 15. Luckily I ended up meeting new people and chatting my way to the finish line. There is something so wonderful and humbling about the camaraderie on a race course.

Blogging proudest achievement is taking that step and actually starting the blog. I had been throwing around the idea for several months but didn’t know what I wanted to blog about and didn’t know if I was ready for the commitment. Now it is something that continually makes me happy! 🙂

Congratulations on completing that marathon! Now let’s talk a bit about networking and traffic. In your opinion what do you think is better to enhance traffic and networking to your blog?

I haven’t been able to spend as much time as I’d like at growing traffic, but for me right now, joining various Facebook groups that help me connect with other new bloggers has been great for growing my social media engagement and page views.

Do you have any favorite bloggers you follow or bloggers that have been a source of inspiration for you? 

Oh lots! Thistlewood Farm, The Ugly Ducking House, Shanty 2 Chic, Newly Woodwards, Salvaged Inspirations, The Heathered Nest, Sawdust 2 Stitches, Young House Love, City Farmhouse… I feel like I could go on forever!

Kelly, please share one thing about yourself that people might not know about you?

I absolutely love to travel but am terrified of flying. Terrified to the point of needing a hefty cocktail or two. You know that scene in Bridesmaids where they are on the plane and Annie is freaking out before she takes the sedatives? Yep, that’s me.


Kelly – Home Renovation & DIY Decor Extraordinaire! Thank you so much for stopping by! Please hop on over to Kelly’s blog North Country Nest to check out Kelly’s projects.

You can also follow Kelly on social media: facebook.com/northcountrynest, Pinterest.com/northctrynest/, Instagram.com/northcountrynest/pinterest.com/northctrynest/ , twitter.com/northcntrynest





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