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Today I share my organizing/cleaning chart.  I created this chart after I got tired of searching online for the perfect chart to help me stay on track organizing and cleaning my home. So what was the problem you ask? Why did I not find what I was looking for? Well here is the thing. Many of the chore charts, weekly cleaning schedules and all the other “helpful” tools out there were for people who lived in houses. I like many of you – my estimated readers live in an apartment. I don’t have a yard so the “chore” clean the yard on a cleaning schedule was useless for me. I can’t have a washer or dryer in my apartment (many places in the city don’t let tenants have machines) and I don’t have a garage (I wish!) to organize either. Additionally, many of those charts online didn’t even have people taking a day off from cleaning! I don’t know about anyone else, but my husband and I work very hard and have three children. We need an occasional day off from house chores.  We needed a cleaning schedule that was very manageable and still allows for some free time for us to enjoy.

So I created a cleaning schedule for all of us city dwellers that live in small apartments with mile high rents! LOL.  To get the full chart  –  “Apartment Cleaning Schedule” printable below.  I will be sharing other FREE printables in other posts!

Apt. Cleaning Schedule




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This is awesome! I agree with you when you say that most of the ones you’ve found have been for up keeping a house. I’m hoping that this can help me stay organized with my busy schedule 🙂 I’ll be posting it on my fridge today. Thank you!!!

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