Emoji Girl Charm Bracelet Review!

Hi, Everyone! Today I want to share my Emoji Girl Charm Bracelet review. First I want to say that I review items and products that I honestly think are good and worthwhile.  I will not post a favorable review for a product if it is not the truth.

So here it is:

When I first opened the box the first thing I noticed was the really adorable packaging. The bracelets come in a brown (kraft paper) sturdy box and on the lower right-hand corner is the Emoji Girl logo, young girls will definitely think that the packaging is very cute! The bracelet was packaged inside with cotton pads (standard jewelry packaging).  My impression of the bracelet – the charms are awesome, they don’t feel or look flimsy and the bracelet itself is sturdy. On their site www.EmojiGirl.com you can either choose from a gold tone or a silver tone bracelet and then choose three charms. What’s cool about that is that your child can make their own personalized bracelet with their favorite emojis! That was a real plus for my two daughters! Additionally, they just thought all the charms were all and I quote “so cute and awesome!”

In summary, I would definitely give the Emoji Girl Charm Bracelets TWO thumbs up! Check out the video of my review below.

**I received these super cute bracelets in the mail for free in exchange for an honest review. I’m not paid by this company in any way. Any thoughts on this product are my own**




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