Has anyone else noticed how difficult it is to find toys for children that have an educational value to them? Sometimes I walk through department stores, and I check out the toy aisles looking for an item that is both educational and fun! I know some parents will agree with me. Finding both in one toy can sometimes seem like finding a unicorn.  Nowadays there is too much focus on violence and fashion and so much other nonsense.  So finding a toy that my son can play with and also learn from is a total win-win for me. 


This summer I am doing different activities with my son.  One week we learn about outer space and all things related to that topic. The following week we discuss dinosaurs. The week after that we do fun learning activities revolving around ocean and ocean creatures. This week happens to be animals in the wild (we are also taking a visit to the local zoo).  With this theme in mind, I introduced my son to Canned Critters!  We received the Canned Seal and the Canned Moose! Let me just say that these were super cute!!! The label is really cute and clever as well. Canned Critters come in two sizes 6″ and 4″. They are plush animals that come sealed in a tin can.  I loved the interesting facts about each animal on the label, and my son got a good chuckle. The can does come with a warning requiring adult supervisor. These cans require the use of a can opener. The smaller of the two cans has a pull lid. Once open I did not let my son handle the cans, but he did enjoy touching and playing with his new plush.  


I kept the cans so that we would have a place to keep them and also refer back to the educational facts. I do keep the can out of his reach. Every so often I plan to bring down the can and talk to him about the seal and the moose.  Overall I am very happy I found these cute and adorable educational canned critters.  Check them out at www.cannedcritters.com and from July 8th through August 9th use code IdeasByDalba-10 to get a 10% off your order !! 

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Canned Critters

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