Hey guys! So glad you found your way here.  Today I share with you a super simple DIY fall project. I am sharing with you a DIY leaf bowl.  


For this project you will need:


1 ballon

1 medium size brush

1 medium size bowl/container

1 Mod Podge glue

Saran Wrap

1-2 packs of leaves (I got mine at Dollar Tree)

Guys this project cost me about $3!!  Mostly because I had many of the items I needed already at home.

Step 1


Inflate balloon to the desired size of the bowl you are making. Place balloon in container to keep it stable. You can also use a bowl to make this instead of the balloon.  The cut a piece a Saran Wrap and place it on the balloon.  I also taped the Saran Wrap to the balloon so that it would not move around while I did step 2.

Step 2



Take your brush and dip into your Mod Podge and apply to the balloon. I tried not to make my coat of glue too thick.

Step 3



Place leaves on glue and press. Guys to be honest, even though the supplies for this diy were simple it was a bit challenging to keep these leaves on the plastic.  The leaves didn’t adhere immediately to the glue. For a short while I didn’t think that the project was going to be successful.  If this happens to you just continue to cover the balloon with glue and add leaves. I made sure to add a variety of colors.  After the first layer of leaves I added a second coat of glue and leaves to make the bowl somewhat sturdy.  

**I did have to let this dry for at least 24 hours before I removed it from the balloon and plastic.  I first deflated the balloon and then VERY carefully I removed the bowl from the Saran Wrap**


Finished Project


The bowl does look super cute but to be honest I don’t know if  I would make this again. Getting the leaves to stick was really hard! When I looked up this project on Pinterest I found no info on how hard it was to make! But I will keep it real for you guys.  For more Fall DIY projects check out my Pinterest board. Thanks so much for reading!!!! 



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