Hi lovely readers! As you know, I’m always looking for do-it-yourself beauty technics that I can try out and share with you.  Today I share with you a DIY Dipping Powder Manicure Tutorial. What is a Dipping Powder Manicure? Just the latest crazy is nail art!!! It is quickly replacing the super popular gel manicure.  Recently a friend of mine got a dipping powder manicure at the local nail salon and let me tell you it was fabulous. Dipping Powder has been around for a while in the nail industry. Most commonly dipping powders were used in the application of a full set of nail tips, and the powders would only come in light pink, white or clear.  Somehow dipping powder manufacturers have figured out a way to add color to the powders making them the ultimate alternative for nail polish.  These powders are just as strong as acrylic and last just as long! 


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I was lucky enough to receive a dipping powder nail kit.  The kit includes everything you need to get started. 

The kit contains the following items:

1) 15 ml (or 0.5 OZ) of Step #1 Prep

2) 15 ml (or 0.5 OZ) of Step #2 Probase

3) 15 ml (or 0.5 OZ) of Step #3 Activator

4) 15 ml (or 0.5 OZ) of Step #4 Finish Gel

5) 15 ml (or 0.5 OZ) of Brush Softener

6) One (1) 2 OZ Dip Powder Jar – Please select your color

Kits start at about $49 (well worth the money!!) after just two applications your kit is paid for.  Most of these dip powder applications cost around $25-30 at nail salons.  There is a second kit for French manicure that I think is awesome!


I know what you are thinking – Dalba how in the world am I going to apply this on my own nails? Check out my video tutorial below. I found the application is very easy. If you know how to paint your nails with regular polish you will find this easy as well! 

I also wanted to share with you pictures of a full set of tips that I applied using dipping powder. Check them out below! 

DIY Dipping Powder Tutorial


**Products used in this post were received for review purposes. But all opinions expressed are my own.




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