Hi guys! Last week I took my daughter Daniela to Devachan Salon in NYC.  If you have not heard of Devachan and are a curly hair girl I recommend that you pay them a visit.  Ok – so I am going to keep it real for ya’ll – this cut was not cheap or at least I didn’t think it was cheap.  

Cuts start at $110 and can go up to $175 depending on the expertise of the stylist.  A cut with a master stylist will run you $175.  The hair appointment did last about 2 hours and 15 mins.  The stylist Tatyana really took her time and answered all my questions before she went in on my daughter’s hair. I needed to make sure my daughter was in good hands! 

Daniela before her haircut.

First we were offered water or tea. Then my daughter was given a pink silk robe. Next she was sat at the stylist chair and the consultation began.  The hair stylist did not use any combs or brushes. All she used were hair clips and her hair scissors.  She began by parting my daughter’s hair. 


When we made the appointment my daughter was told to wash her hair and rinse out all product and let dry and come to the salon that way.

The stylist began to cut her hair small sections at a time.

Eventually after all the first round of cutting this is what her hair looked like.

Tatyana then washed her hair with DevaCurl No-Poo Shampoo from their Decadence line.

She followed up by detangling Daniela’s hair. Noticed that she only used her fingers and Decadence Conditioner and Hair in Heaven.

She removed some of the product with a micro fiber towel and paper towels too.

The stylist placed metal clips in her hair so the hair would not dry flat.

Then she was placed in a hair dryer for about 20 minutes.

After about 20 minutes Tatyana took her out of the dryer and applied heat with a blower to make sure that it dryer better.

Lastly she did some finishing cuts to make sure Daniela’s haircut was perfect.

Tada! And this is the end result. Beautifully shaped and hydrated hair!

To see a video of our experience please click on the vid below! 




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