Hey all!

I wanted to share with you the latest box I received from the awesome people at – The Daily Goodie Box!

As always they don’t disappoint.

These boxes always come with full size products and trail size items.

Personally I am not an energy drink type, but I did chill this in my fridge and took a drink. My thoughts- the flavor was interesting (I definitely recommend that you chill this before you drink it) and I did feel a bit rush of energy.

This is not the first time I received these all natural sleep aid. I have tried them and they do help you get to sleep and stay asleep.

I was really excited to see this item in my box! I’m a girlie girl and love to do my nails! The blue is electrifying, I will for sure paint my nails with this polish.

Rhubarb and ginger! Yes please. I haven’t given these tea bags a try yet but you bet I will be brewing some tea soon.

Clarifying hair products are always good. These have lavender and witch hazel two of my favorite ingredients in beauty products.

Have a hanger over? Try this hangover remedy to help you bounce right back from that nasty headache.

My daughter and I both tried this protein bar. I really appreciated that it was simple. It was not overly sweet which is nice. The peanut butter did not over power the other flavors. It was also very chewy.

Again energy related products are not my thing. But I will also give this a try sometime in the coming weeks.

AND THE HANDS DOWN WINNER IN THIS BOX? The ‘That’s it’ fruit bar! OMG this was good! It you are a fan of an old fashion fruit roll up this is remind you of that. It is made with two ingredients apples and blueberries. I’m getting these bars for sure!

Overall I’m giving his box two thumbs up!

Make sure to also check out my unboxing video on my YouTube channel!




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