I researched many high chair options. With limited space for a high chair in our apartment, we settled on the Fisher-Price SpaceSaver high chair. We got this booster seat (basically a high chair) for our son around the time he was 6 months old and began to explore with solid foods.  The seat itself is made of durable plastic and the cover can be detached and washed. The tray is also detachable and can easily be cleaned.  At first, we used this chair in the “reclined position” (the chair is adjustable) as he got older we sat him up straight.  


We really liked this booster seat because it didn’t take up much space, even though it did take up one of our dining table chairs and we were never able to push the dining chair under the table while the booster seat was on it. But even with that drawback we were happy with it. My son looked comfortable sitting in the chair and it gave him support from sliding sideways.  Eventually, he would sit in the chair to have meals and snacks and once we removed the booster seat from the dining chair and set it on the floor he would walk over to it and sit in it at random times! If you are looking for a high chair but have limited space definitely look into the Fisher-Price Space Saver! 


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