Thanksgiving Desserts For Everyone!

Thanksgiving is a special time to gather with your family and celebrate all the things in our lives that we are grateful for.  Our family’s tradition is to rotate year to year who will be hosting Thanksgiving. This year my husband, our three children and I will be guests at one of our relatives.   … Continue Reading

Simple DIY Leaf Bowl

Hey guys! So glad you found your way here.  Today I share with you a super simple DIY fall project. I am sharing with you a DIY leaf bowl.   For this project you will need: 1 ballon 1 medium size brush 1 medium size bowl/container 1 Mod Podge glue Saran Wrap 1-2 packs of … Continue Reading

Mouth Watering Strawberry Jam!

This week on Ideas By Dalba I want to share with you this incredible mouth watering Strawberry Jam recipe that even the most novice of cooks can prepare. A few days ago my family and I headed to Fishkill Farm in NY to pick strawberries. We came home with a ton of strawberries and I … Continue Reading

Easy Spring DIY Jewelry Bowl!

Hey everyone!! This week I’m a bit late in posting my third piece in my May blog series “Spring Inspired DIYs”. To check out my other projects click on any of these – DIY Spring Wreath, Decoupage Part 1 and Part 2 .  I’m totally loving this super easy Spring DIY Jewelry Bowl!!! For this DIY, … Continue Reading

DIY Lotion Bars

Hi guys! This is a post that I am reviving from my first blog on Blogger which I no longer update and have moved to … Continue Reading