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Today I’m sharing a product that I really love! I have purchased many many products, but this baby nasal aspirator is a winner!

FridaBaby Nasal Aspirator Review-  I bought this little gadget because those of you that have small children know how hard it is to get little boogies out of stuffy noses. A friend of mine at work was talking about how her son was always stuffed and had a lot of mucus and she was able to relieve him using this. So I decided to give it a try. My son was usually fussy when he had a stuffy nose, but in general, the FridaBaby did the trick. The key was to get it on his nose quickly and suck the boogies out fast! You would be surprised how much mucus gets sucked out by this little gadget! If you have a stuffed baby and nothing seems to work, give this little sucker (no pun intended) hehehehe a try! If your child is congested you might also try a soothing vapor bath, just let the warm water run in the shower and have your baby with you for several minutes to let your baby breathe in the warm vapor and then go ahead and use the nasal aspirator.  Another good trick is to use saline nose drops for babies to loosen mucus. Both of this suggestions do not include medicine and are holistic in nature.  Of course, if your baby is under the weather always seek medical advice from your pediatrician.

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