Hi all! Another fantastic week at Ideas By Dalba. Thanks for stopping by! This week I bring you yet a third alternative to nail polish. I’m always in the search of the next great alternative to your normal everyday polish.  I was my hands a lot and I’m always chipping my nail polish, I’m sure many of my lovely readers can relate.

My latest nail experiment has been to try Acrygel. For those that have not heard of Acrygel, I will explain. Acrygel is simply the application of Acylic powder with gel polishes (usually with base and top coats).  This is very similar to a gel manicure except that there is an extra step. Check out my video below.

While I found this method interesting I’m not sure that it is for me. This was the first time doing this and it was not hard to do if you have ever done a gel manicure or dipping powder. It reminds me of a cross between the two.  But I do have a say that it takes a bit longer to do that either a regular gel manicure and the dipping powder. You decide for yourself! 

If you would like to see my other videos her they are – Gel Manicure and Dipping Powder 

Happy manicuring! Please leave your comments below! 





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