Hi! I’m so happy that you have found your way to my blogs!

A bit about me. I’m a wife, a mother of three, blogger, writer and most recently an entrepreneur.  In my blogs “Dalba Thinking Out Loud” & “Baby Things and More”, I share ideas, tips, my favorite products, and tools that have helped me. Whether it’s saving money on groceries or trying out different brands of diapers I share it all here. Sometimes I share random things that just pop into my head, regardless I try to share with my readers the true me and hope that I help a few people along the way. 

You can also reach my author website and see what I am up to with my new book! 

Thank you for reading this and THANK YOU for your support! Please invite a few friends over to my blogs!.

“Being positive is a series of thought processes, happiness is really about a mindset.”




Looking forward to all natural ideas. I generally have networking parties where sisters can share and collectively work hand in hand.


Nice looking forward to it!

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