Hi all! So glad you are here with me today! Many of you might know that I am a natural hair girl.  I went all natural several years ago. I did, like many a big chop. Over the years I have tried many styles and many products on my natural hair.  I have tried braiding my own hair (which worked great for a very long time), I tried using steam rollers (to see a pic of what my hair looks like after styling with the steam rollers look to the right at the ‘about me’ section), I have tried rods and Bantu knots.  All those things worked really well at one point or another.

I’m always looking for ways to protect my natural hair. If you are a natural hair girl you can understand the struggle. We have to deal with dryness and breakage and split ends just like everyone else.  There are so many rules and opinions out there of how natural hair should be cared for. Of course key is constant hydration, conditioner, little to no direct heat and minimizing styling with combs and brushes.  So this brings me to my latest attempt at caring for my hair.  A week ago I decided to get Senegalese braids and actually put them in myself! People I have never done this. I actually went on Youtube to find out how to do it ( you can learn just about anything on there!). There are many many really good videos that will show you step by step how to do Senegalese twists, so I will not be posting my own how to vid on that.  Trust me- the videos were so good that anyone can do it. Just look at my finished product in these pictures.  I will be honest it did take me about 5.5 hours to do my entire head. I’m guessing it was because it was my first time (not my last!) and because I did have minor interruptions throughout.  

To get these done I bought Kanekalon Hair at my local beauty shop for like $6.00 per bundle. I purchased two bundles and still had hair left over (a little less than half a pack).  I also used Ecco Olive Oil hair gel to make sure the braiding hair stayed in place. FYI- You do have to start with clean hair.

These twists offer a get variety of styling options. Check out the five I recommend:

Half Up Half Down Knot

For this style just take a few stands (twist) and create a knot at the back of the head.

Side Braid


This one is super easy – just braid all the twists together to make one big braid.

Half Up Half Down Bun


Take half of the hair and create a messy bun. I didn’t use any hair pins only the actual hair.

Two Side Jumbo Twist


For this style, I parted the hair in half and twisted each side and secured with a black hair tie.

Two Mini Buns (Half Up Half Down Style)


To create this look take a few strands from each side to create your mini buns.

Thanks for reading! And Happy Styling.






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