Happy Monday!!! This post is all about finding ways to reduce our stress. I know its so hard to do, especially when we have so many things throughout our day that required some sort of action or attention from us that then lead to causing us stress.  I want to share with you some technics (and my favorite infographics) on easy ways to reduce stress and promote healthy living!  

 1. Yoga

If you work at a desk all day like I do – check out the infographic below from Lifehacks.org .  The yoga poses below can be down in your office and the best part is that you do not need any special equipment to do.   

office yoga

 2. Meditation

Meditation is another way to relieve stress. Meditation can help us focus, reduce stress and improve our quality of life. In the infographic below from the Garrison Institute  they share with us ten easy steps to mindful meditation (basically meditation for dummies).


3. Water

As most of you know water is really a miracle drink! The list of the benefits of drinking water is very long.  Drinking water can help with your memory, hydrates, helps you produce sweat so that you can release toxins from your body, and allows red blood cells to carry oxygen more efficiently throughout our bodies. These are only some of the benefits.  You can check out a great infographic I have on my Pinterest wellness board HERE  . The lesson here – drink more water to stay hydrated (and not feel sluggish/irritated which can cause you more stress) and to help release harmful toxins. 


4.  Aromatherapy 

The practice of using essential oils (scents) to improve mood and wellness has been around for hundreds of years.  Triggers in the nose will also affect your brain. When you breathe in a scent, receptors in your nose are activated, which then send a message to the part of your brain that relates to emotions.  Ready to give aromatherapy a try? These are the most commonly used scents:

  1. Lavendar has been shown to reduce stress Citrus have been found to reduce stress  
  2. Citrus has been found to reduce stress and improve mood
  3. Peppermint when applied to the neck can relax muscles, relieve mental stress and give you a boost of energy
  4. Jamin and Grapefruit have also been known to help reduce stress


5. Humor

And if all else fails a good dose of humor can do the trick to relieve stress! Laughter increases blood flow by 22%, it boosts the immune system, improves respiration, raises heart rate, induces positive emotions and enhances mental functioning! Below is one of my favorite infographic on the benefits of laughter! 



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Thanks for reading and happy relaxing!



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